[How to save raw chestnuts]_How to store_How to save

[How to save raw chestnuts]_How to store_How to save

May 15, 2020 桑拿 by admin

[How to save raw chestnuts]_How to store_How to save

Chestnuts are a delicious dried fruit, especially in the north, where chestnuts are abundant.

After the chestnuts are cooked, the taste is very delicious.

However, after buying chestnuts, many people may not eat them all at once and only store them, but chestnuts are not easy to store, and sometimes they go bad after just one night.

People are distressed, they almost waste food, and they waste money.

So how should raw chestnuts be preserved?

First, raw chestnuts are stored in the refrigerator 1. After purchase, raw chestnuts can be stored directly in the freezer of the refrigerator. Before storage, it is best to remove the outer shell and the inner film coating of fresh chestnuts to obtain chestnut pulp.Put it in a sealable fresh-keeping bag, seal the mouth, and put it in the freezer of the refrigerator, so that it can be stored for several months without deterioration.

2. Keep fresh raw chestnuts frozen. When stored in the refrigerator at home, you can also store them in the freezer. Before storing, you need to remove the shell of the fresh chestnuts to get the pulp inside, and put them in a plastic wrap.Put it in the freezer of the refrigerator. This will keep the raw chestnut for a year without deterioration, and people will feel that it is still fresh when it is stored.

Second, the preservation method of raw chestnuts 1. Use the sand to save the raw chestnuts in the refrigerator at home. Only a small amount can be saved. If you want to save more raw chestnuts, you can replace the yellow sand. It is best to prepare a larger tank before storing.Sprinkle with yellow sand, then put a layer of fresh chestnut, then add another layer of yellow sand, and then add another layer of chestnut. Repeat this way. The top layer should be covered with yellow sand. You can often spray water on the yellow sand, so that you can let it inside.Raw chestnuts stay fresh.

2. Fresh raw chestnuts can be air-dried and can be stored after being air-dried, so that they can be restored and restored. You can buy fresh raw chestnuts during storage, soak them in cold water for 7 to 10 days.Put it in the basket, and then hang it in a cool and ventilated environment, let it air dry naturally.