[How to prevent contraception]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraceptive methods

[How to prevent contraception]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraceptive methods

May 19, 2020 新闻 by admin

[How to prevent contraception]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraceptive methods



A variety of contraceptives are emerging.

For normal adults, having sex is a more common phenomenon.

Cohabitation before marriage is also very common, in order to avoid accidental pregnancy.

In cohabitation before marriage, most young men and women will use contraception to prevent this situation.

Proper contraception is healthier, so let’s find out how to be confident right?

1. The contraceptive ring is called a contraceptive ring, and the “instrument” is called a built-in uterus.

It can stay in the womb for five years from the time it is placed in the body.

It is especially suitable for women with excessive menstrual blood and dysmenorrhea, with a success rate of 99%, and it can be said that there is almost no possibility of pregnancy.

Women like: When you have sex, you can leave things like accidental pregnancy behind you!

But I don’t like it: some women feel lower body cramps.

2. The average subcutaneous implantation time is half a minute to two minutes, and it takes up to five minutes to remove it.

Leave on for 1 to 5 days of menstruation.

Women like this: They don’t have to think about withdrawal every day, and they can treat dysmenorrhea!

But I don’t like it: it hurts and bleeds.

3. The medroxyprogesterone contraceptive is expected to be contraceptive for 3 months at a time.

In menstruation 2?

Inject 150mg once every 7 days, once every 3 months.

Women like: reduce dysmenorrhea, and regular injections relieve the trouble of forgetting to take birth control pills.

But I don’t like it: irregular bleeding, headache, weight gain, osteoporosis, and some women are about to amenorrhea.

4. Sterilization surgery The success rate of sterilization surgery is almost 100%. The surgery itself is far more cruel than what is drawn on the picture. I don’t want to say more here, but the success rate is almost 100%.

Unless you stop thinking of continuing the incense, it is still not recommended!

Woman portrait: Never worry about pregnancy!

But don’t like it: the procedure is short but painful, and 20% of women who undergo sterilization before the age of 30 regret for life.

5. Female condoms Female condoms are made of polyurethane, coated with grease, and are similar in appearance to male condoms.

Place it in the vagina, covering the cervix with the closed end.

Like the male condom, it can only be used once.

6, diaphragmatic contraception must be recommended by a doctor in order to use this method.

Women can insert or remove diaphragms on their own. This dome-like disc prevents sperm from entering the cervix. It is coated with a spermicid at the bottom and can kill any sperm that approaches it.

Once added, the effect can last up to six hours.


?How to properly contracept?
The above has been explained for everyone.

Many people think that sexual topics are awkward.

Therefore, if you don’t pay attention to some common sense issues in sexual life, you will bring a certain threat to your physical health. The correct consensus method is not suitable for anyone.

Everyone’s body is different and needs to choose different contraceptive methods.